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General question
Why do my kids always seem to get sick?
Q. My kids seem like they are always sick. How do I keep them from getting sick so often?

A. Parents are often frustrated by how often their children are sick, especially if they are in school or day care. It is normal for young children to have six to eight upper respiratory tract infections and two or three gastrointestinal infections each year. Children in school and day care can often have more (often called day care syndrome). As your child gets older, his immune system will strengthen and he will build up immunity to many common infections and he will get sick less often.  

To understand why your child has such frequent infections and seems like he is always sick, it can help to understand how infections are transmitted. Except for blood transmission, children are at high risk of catching illnesses caused by the methods described below because they are always putting their hands and other objects into their mouths. Also, younger children have not had the chance to build up a strong immunity to these common infections.

To prevent infections, you should teach your children and care providers to practice frequent hand-washing, especially after using the bathroom (including diaper changes) and before eating. You should also frequently wash toys and other objects that your children put in their mouth and all other surfaces and dispose of tissues after wiping or blowing your child's nose.

Other tips to help avoid catching infections include avoiding close contact with other people who are sick. Make sure that your day care has a strict policy about excluding children with contagious illnesses. This does not always help though, because most illnesses are contagious for a day or two before you even have symptoms. Once your child develops symptoms, he has probably already infected other people he has been in contact with.

Infections are caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites and your child will get an infection from one of these agents if your child is not immune and he comes into contact with someone who already has an infection. Some infections require that you come into direct contact with the infection for it to be contagious. These include impetigo, scabies, lice, chickenpox, cold sores, ringworm and pinkeye. Frequent hand-washing and keeping infected areas covered can help prevent spread of these illnesses.

Other infections are spread by respiratory transmission, in which respiratory droplets from an infected persons lungs, nose or mouth are spread to another person. The droplets can spread through the air directly onto another person, or may land or be placed on another surface, which is then touched by another person. If that person then touches his eyes or mouth, he can become infected. Infections spread by respiratory droplets include the common cold, chickenpox, pertussis, pneumonia, the flu and many other viral illnesses.

Infections can also be spread by fecal oral transmission, which occurs when someone comes into contact with stool that is infected. A person's hands or other objects can become infected by tiny pieces of stool, especially after diaper changes. The infectious particles can then find there way into someone's mouth and cause infection. Illnesses caused in this manner include diarrhea, pinworms, and hepatitis A.

Lastly, infections can spread through contact with the blood of someone is infected with HIV, Hepatitis B or C, or cytomegalovirus.

So what can you do about it?
The ten most infectious agents on the face of the planet are the ten little grubby digits on the end of each hand.  Wash them frequently.  Do not poke them in every orifice of your body.

Hand Sanitizers are great anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Do NOT wear any article of clothing that has not been laundered, try on a hat that has not been steamed or cleaned or sleep in any bed that has not had the linens changed.
Bed Bugs are now rampant and are becoming an ever increasing problem in the U.S.
Do not sleep under a hotel bedspread.  They rarely if ever launder them.  Ask for an extra blanket that has been laundered,

In most cases, your bathroom at home has LESS desease causing organisms than in our kitchen.   Your kitchen is the #1 source of  illness and sickness in everyday life.
ALWAYS wash cutting boards immediately after use.
Cross contamination of hard surfaces is the #1 cause of foodbourne illnesses, so clean as you cook.

In my opinion....Bleach is for laundry, Disinfectants today are much more powerful, last longer, do a more effective job in killing disease causing organisms and most disinfectant cleaning products that are either Quaternary or Phenolic based are much more cost effective.

Pine Oil products were great when your Great-Grandmother was alive, but today that is ancient technology.  Pine Oil was good back then but bad now.  It discolors surfaces, leaves a residue, quickly resoils but boy howdy does it smell good.  

Disinfectants don't have a fragrance.  Perfumes have a fragrance. Perfumes are added to disinfectants today.     Just because it does not smell "good" does not mean it isn't working.  
If you need a perfume to cover the stench or odor of an area you are cleaning, you haven't been cleaning properly.

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Last updated - July 2, 2009

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