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Safety Supplies, Protective
& Medical Products

Safety Apparel


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Item Description

Low Density Polyethylene Disposable Glove 100 Ea/disp bx   10 bx/cs
S-M-L   1mil

GLV-70850 (size)     .96/disp box    $9.60/cs

Low Density Polyethylene Disposable Glove 100 Ea/disp bx  10 bx/cs   
S-M-L   1.75 mil

GLV-70100 (size)     $20.15/cs

Low Density Polyethylene Disposable Glove 500 Ea/bx    4 bx/cs    S-M-L    1 mil
GLV-70950-4 (size)     21.85/cs

Low Density Polyethylene Disposable Glove  18" elbow length,
100 Per Box, 5 Bx/cs

GLV-70900 (size)     $21.85/cs

Stock Items are in Bold Text

Poly Glove Dispenser Systems

Wall Mount Dispenser Rack For
Polyethylene Disposable Glove - Box Of 100
PE Glove Dispenser

 Cream Polypropylene
Glove Dispenser
8” x 9”

Clean Hand® Poly Refill for 74102
73073 Embossed polyethylene,
1 mil    25 pkgs / 100 per pkg / bx

Beige Acrylic
Glove Dispenser
 8” x 5”

Clean Hand® Poly Refill
70860     Embossed polyethylene, 1 mil.
S, M, L, XL     Case pack: 20 bxs/300 ea /cs
Call for Pricing and Availability


(Beige) Polyethylene 11” x 13”

Clean Hand® Poly Refill
73870 Embossed polyethylene
1 mil    5pkgs/500 count/cs     $36.35/cs

Poly Glove Dispensers are available at no cost.
Call or email for details

No minimum order for all UPS/USPS orders.

UPS/USPS freight charges are at the customers expense.  The pricing from The Paper Barn does not include freight charges in the cost of goods on this website 

No minimum order for customer pick ups. No handling charges for customer pick ups.

Due to increased fuel and other costs, our new minimum for "free" inside delivery is $150.00 for Columbus Ohio and suburbs. 

Please read our terms and conditions page for more information.

Click here for our terms and conditions page.


Last updated - November 1, 2012

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