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Machine Stretch Wrap

Linearô Advantage Centurion Stretch Machine Film

Linearô Advantage Centurion is a clear, cast stretch film that's suitable for all load configurations. Pre-stretch levels of up to 250% optimize the filmís utilization and ensure the lowest per-pallet cost. High force to the load assures product integrity through better load protection. Optimal cling package gives you a lock on pallet security. Exceptional clarity promotes a professional package image and allows for barcode identification. Linearô Advantage Centurion offers outstanding puncture resistance for wrapping all types of load profiles. It's a stretch film that satisfies all performance and cost criterion.

20" W x 3500' L, Clear, LLD PE, Roll, 115 gauge (40 Roll/Skid)   $59.12/roll

 20" W x 5500' L, Clear, LLD PE, Roll, 80 gauge (40 Roll/Skid)    $66.12/roll

20" W x 6000' L, Clear, LLD PE, Roll, 70.0 gauge (40 Roll/Skid)    $63.56/roll

30" W x 7500' L, Clear, LLD PE, Roll, 60 gauge (20 Roll/Skid)     $111.31/roll


All plastic products prices are subject to change without notice.  Plastics are oil derivative products and oil is subject to market price fluctuations.


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Last updated - July 2, 2009

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