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The Paper Barn
4865 Hendron Road
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Groveport, Ohio 43125


  Mopping Trolleys 

Double Bucket Mopping Trolly

Stock Item


UltraSpeed  Double Bucket Kit

Strong but light Polypropylene (PP) buckets with internal capacity scale, easy pour spouts and ergonomic carry handle.  Coloured clips to use buckets in a colour coding system.  High efficiency gearless wringer press with handle holder for easy storage.  All UltraSpeed units are supplied with lever press for extra wringing pressure and large 75 mm non-marking castors


25L Bucket
Autoclave Test Report

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Industrial Mopping System,
Epoxy Coated    #3200

image   The Geerpres Industrial Mopping System combines the heavy duty 3200 Industrial chassis with two 8 gallon galvanized metal buckets that feature brass drain valves making bucket emptying easy at the end of your cleaning task. The ergonomic wringer is utilized to minimize bending, reduce fatigue, minimize stress and strain on back, shoulder and hands.
Items are also sold separately.

Chassis Construction:
Fully welded handle and frame with nut and bolt
connection of casters and bucket stops.

Where it’s used: The GEERPRES Industrial Mopping System is designed to be used in manufacturing facilities, factories, industrial sites, transportation depots, high traffic retail outlets or anywhere that requires large capacity and heavy duty options.

The Geerpres Industrial Mopping System #3200
Includes the industrial chassis, two (2) eight gallon 
galvanized buckets with brass drain valves and 
one (1) Ergo Floor Prince wringer (16-24 oz. mops)

Optional Items Available:
71015-1 Ergo Floor King Wringer (24-26 oz. mops)
3206- Pre-Drain Screen     $65.00
3207- Bottom Dirt Screen    $88.00
Geerpres Model #3200

Geerpres Cleanroom
Trolley Information

Geerpres Stainless Steel Trolleys
are designed specifically for clean
room applications.  Made from type 304 electro-polished stainless steel.
Fully autoclavable meeting the strictest requirements  –  Class 100.

Trolley With 18in Wringer And (2) 29-quart Buckets

Includes Trolley With 18in Stainless Steel Wringer and your choice 2 or 3 rectangular 29-quart buckets.

18in Wide Stainless Steel Wringer
utilizes a downward pressure
design which wrings the mop up to three times faster than other wringers.
 Wringers are electropolished for a smooth surface;
therefore, bacterial and foreign particles have nothing to
themselves to.

Stainless Steel Rectangular Buckets

 are deep drawn and seamless
so there are no cracks, crevice or holes to harbor bacteria and  dirt. A lip around the top edge of the bucket allows for easy lifting.

Multi-Bucket Trolley
 Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
Can be
used with two or three 29-quart stainless steel
rectangular buckets
. The extendable frame with 3” casters
 pulls out on the front of
the trolley to accommodate a third
bucket. The handle is removable
for autoclaving and storage.

Stainless Steel Chassis
Heavy duty stainless steel chassis with 3”



Trolley With (3) 29-Quart Buckets

(No Wringer)


Click here for more cleanroom mopping equipment.

No minimum order for all UPS/USPS/FedEx orders.

Handling Charge of $2.50 for all USPS/UPS/FedEx shipments.

UPS/USPS freight charges are at the customers expense.  
The pricing from The Paper Barn does not include freight charges in the 
cost of goods on this website 

No minimum order for customer pick ups. 
No handling charges for customer pick ups.

Due to increased fuel and other costs, our new minimum for "free" 
inside delivery is $150.00 for Columbus Ohio and suburbs. 

Click here for our terms and conditions page.

Last updated -  February 5, 2015

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