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Battery High Speed Burnishers


Battery Floor Burnishers

BB2000 Brochure 

imageBB2000 Battery Burnisher

BB2000 Battery Burnisher
Product Details:
Available in traction or pad assist.
Up to 3 hours of run time.
On-board battery charger.
The IPC Eagle BB2000 utilizes an automatic pad pressure adjustment system. This unique system allows the machine to maintain a constant pad pressure as the pad wears. This results in consistent and optimal burnishing results throughout the life of the pad. This feature, along with ease of accesss for changing the pad, separates the IPC Eagle BB2000 from the competition.

  Available in traction or pad assist.
  Up to 3 hours of run time.
  On-board battery charger.
  Enclosed dust control system (with optional cloth bag).
  Heavy duty rotomolded body with easy battery access.
  Deck tilts up for easy pad change and compact storage
  Ergonomic handle and controls
  Quiet 2.5 HP motor (67 dBA).
BB20N*  20 inch Pad Assist
BB20T*   20 inch Traction Drive
BB24T*   24 inch Traction Drive
*Available with Lead Acid OR AGM Batteries

BB20N    No Batteries/ w Charger    MSRP - $5363.00
BB20T    No Batteries/ w Charger    MSRP - $6385.00
BB24T    No Batteries/ w Charger    MSRP - $6758.00

Batteries:   3 each required for BB2000
12V  210AH Lead Acid Batteries    
   MSRP - $393.00/each
12V  230AH  AGM - No Maintenance Batteries  
   MSRP - $849.00/each

Call for Price

Pacific - Factory Refurbished
#21HSB  Battery Burnisher

  This Battery Powered High Speed Burnisher was designed with simplicity and productivity in mind. The adjustable handle ensures operator comfort and promotes convenient storage.
    The 21” floating pad with 2400 RPM delivers propane-desired results, without any emission concerns. The Fury 21 HSB has a powerful 2.5HP motor and a balanced structural steel chassis topped with a tough polyethylene cover.
    The unit has a 36v. system, 215 amp hour batteries and produces 3-4 hours of run time.
The Fury 21 HSB burnisher features a passive dust control system and is perfect in
educational, healthcare and retail facilities.


iconOperator's  & Parts Manual

w/ Charger & New Batteries
MSRP  $3819.00


Tennant - Used / Refurbished
#2550  Battery Burnisher

  Durable burnisher with 2000 rpm pad speed and variable pad pressure
for high gloss, professional image floors:
Choose from two drive options: the pad-assisted 2510 floor burnisher or self-propelled 2550
Clean uneven surfaces with 45 lb / 20 kg pad pressure and patented floating head design that provides full pad contact for consistent shine
Improve indoor air quality during machine operation with standard dust control feature
Key machine features of the 2510 / 2550 Battery-Powered Floor Burnisher with Dust Control:
2000 rpm in working position for high performance shine on a variety of finished floors
20 in / 510 mm burnishing path for maximum floor coverage
98 percent filtration at 0.1 micron with this burnisher’s filter bag for a safe, healthy environment

iconOperator's  & Parts Manual
w/ Charger, Batteries & Dust Control Filters
MSRP  $7150.00

No minimum order for all UPS/USPS orders.

Handling Charge of $2.50 for all UPS/USPS/FedEx shipments.

UPS/USPS freight charges are at the customers expense.
The pricing from The Paper Barn does not include freight charges
in the cost of goods on this website 

No minimum order for customer pick ups.
No handling charges for customer pick ups.

Due to increased fuel and other costs, our new minimum for "free"
inside delivery is $150.00 for Columbus Ohio and suburbs.

Click here for our terms and conditions page.

Last updated - February 16, 2017

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