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Tile, Grout, Shower & Restroom

Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine


EDIC - "Endeavor" Cleaning Machine

imageThe Endeavor is a high-performance, dual-vac, multipurpose extractor engineered to help you clean more efficiently than ever.

It has a number of breakthrough features, starting with an innovative design that allows one operator to load or unload the unit into a truck or van without a ramp. The key to the design is a set of casters mounted up near the handle complemented by ramps built right into the mold, so you can literally roll the machine into your vehicle. It also has an auto-fill, auto-dump design which eliminates workflow interuption. For power matched by versatility, the dual-vac Endeavor has the most versatile versatile dual-pump system on the market, allowing you to clean upholstery, carpet or hard floor surfaces. It can be used as a 250 psi heated carpet extractor or a 1200 psi tile and grount cleaning machine without heat.  When it comes time for routine maintenance, you'll really appreciate the remarkably well-organized and uncluttered layout of its interior componants. That means easy access for no hassle servicing.  It's long list of thoughtfully designed features includes a spinner/wand holder to save you a trip to your vehicle, recessed power cord receptacles, dual-wheeled casters for easy maneuverabillity, a low easy-pour solution tank opening, a 250 psi pump that can be adjusted down to as low as 20 psi for upholstery cleaning, a double-wall motor compartment for quiet operation, along with an overall design that places the weight of the machine over the back wheels to give you good levrage to turn, transport and load the Endeavor with ease!

Includes the Revolution Hard Surface Tool pictured above

Instrument panel mounted on the top inlcuding all switches & gauges
Adjustment knob for the 1200 PSI pump
On-board storage of spinner tool
Double-wall motor compartment for quiet operation
Molded-in decals
12-in. dual-wheeled casters
Auto-fill, auto-dump design
Low, easy-pour solution tank opening
Five gallon bucket fits into recovery recess to transport easily
Recessed power cord receptacles
Recess in step porch allows 5 gallon bucket to fit underneath drain valve
Step porch/foot pedal
Soft, non marking 12-in. rear wheels
Molded-in spray bottle holders for easy access to your chemical


imageThe all-new Revolution provides remarkably smooth operation,
 gliding easily over the floor for less operator fatigue.
 Lightweight - only 13 lbs yet engineered for outstanding durability
Works on uneven surfaces like grouted tile or smooth surfaces such as concrete
 Can be used with truckmounts or portables
2 year warranty & lifetime warranty on the poly base
 Patent Pending
90-degree inlet swivel rotates 360 degrees always keeping the hose out of the way even when cleaning alongside a wall'

An inline filter catches dirt before it has a chance to clog tips works great even with machines that don't have good filtration
Easy pull trigger with Safety
Recovery hoses in the center of the head for better suction allowing you to clean along edges without hitting hoses
Comfortable and ergonomic hand grips
Conveniently located vacuum relief is mounted in the handle so you can easily adjust air flow without bending over
Stainless steel handle
Highest quality ceramic swivel is repairable
The Revolution's handle folds to 180 degrees so you can clean under a counter or overhang as low as 6 inches
There are no parts or hoses protruding from the sides or the front, so you can clean under overhangs without catching on furniture or fixtures
T-style handle allows side- to-side as well as front to back operation


image          image
        334ACH                                        25404AC-HPC 



No minimum order for all UPS/USPS orders.

Handling Charge of $2.50 for all UPS/USPS/FedEx shipments.

UPS/USPS freight charges are at the customers expense.
The pricing from The Paper Barn does not include freight charges
in the cost of goods on this website 

No minimum order for customer pick ups.
No handling charges for customer pick ups.

Due to increased fuel and other costs, our new minimum for "free" 
inside delivery is $150.00 for Columbus Ohio and suburbs. 

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Last updated -  September 11, 2015

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