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Herbicides, Insecticides & Pest Control

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J.T. Eaton #205-0


#205-0 Ant & Roach Spray

  • Available in select states
  • contains Baygon
  • no sprayer attachment included in 1-gal. container
  • Must be used with Tank Sprayer
  • For Commercial Use Only
  • Does Not Ship UPS


HOW TO USE: This product is ready to use undiluted as it comes from the container, and

MUST be applied with either power operated or hand pressurized sprayers. This product

shall NOT be distributed, sold, or used with finger operated trigger sprayers.

Apply as a course spray to surfaces until moist, moving the spray stream rapidly enough

to prevent excess wetting of surfaces and waste of material

INDOOR USE: Spray into cracks, crevices, around baseboards and other places

where these insects hide. Apply behind and beneath cabinets, refrigerators, sinks, stoves

and in and around waste containers. For ants, spray trails and places where ants enter

premises. Repeat as needed. Do not spray foodstuffs or house plants. Remove pets and

cover fish bowls before spraying. Application may be made to floor surfaces along

baseboards and around air ducts, however, do not treat entire area of floor or floor

coverings. Do not allow people or pets to contact treated surfaces until surfaces are

completely dry. BROWN DOG TICKS: Spray sleeping quarters of pets, around

baseboards, window and door frames, wall cracks, and local areas of floors. Repeat as

needed. Fresh bedding should be placed in animal quarters after spraying. DO NOT spray



Spray thoroughly those areas where pests have been seen or found including outside

surfaces of screens, doors, window frames, foundations, patios, or other places where

insects may enter the indoors. For ants, spray ant trails and mounds. For control of

wasps, and hornets, apply after dark when all of the insects have returned to the nest.

Repeat as necessary. Do not spray vegetation.


1. Do not use this product indoors as an overall surface spray or as a space spray: Take

care not to introduce this product into the air during application.

2. Use only in well ventilated areas.

3. Do not apply where children are likely to frequently contact treated surfaces.

4. Remove or cover fish bowls and remove pets before application.

5. DO NOT treat pets or plants with this product.

6. Do not allow children or pets in treated areas until spray has dried.

7. If clothing is sprayed during application, remove clothing immediately after spraying

and launder before wearing again.

8. Do not apply directly to carpets or floor coverings and avoid excess wetting of asphalt,

tile, rubber and plastic materials because damage may occur.

9. Care should be taken to avoid spotting of walls, wall coverings and fabrics.



Propoxur- CAS[114-26-1] …………… 0.500%

Pyrethrins CAS[8003-34-7] ………… 0.052%

Piperonyl Butoxide -CAS[51-03-6] … 0.262%


Total………………………………… 100.000%


EPA REG. NO. 45385-1-56

EPA EST. NO. 45385-OH-01




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Last updated - July 2, 2009

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