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The Paper Barn
4865 Hendron Road
P.O. Box 325
Groveport, Ohio 43125


Foodservice, Coffee, Catering
and related supplies 

Grill Cleaning Tools
 & Accessories

Grill Bricks
Used on hot grills to remove residue and caked-on carbon. Smaller pieces can be used on badly charred pots, pans and utensils. Made of glass foam and individually wrapped in polyethylene film.

Grill ScreenGrill Screens
Tough aluminum oxide abrasive eliminates the toughest burnt-on foods. Open mesh screen resists clogging. Fast cleaning action leaves no mess on the grill.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Price
20-682 10/20 3.5# $44.10
GS103 50/8 8.0# $84.80

Grill PadGrill Pads
This is a dual-purpose 4" x 6" pad. Used with grill screen holder, the Grill Pad maximizes screen life and minimizes loading. Used alone, with holder, Grill Pad adds final polish to make future.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Price
46-673 1/20 1.0# $7.95
GP100 6/10 2.5# $18.75

Grill KitGrill Cleaning Kit
1 pkg. (20) Screens, (10) Grill Pads and (1) Griddle Pad Holder. Griddle Pad Holder is manufactured with high heat resistant resins, so it won’t melt or burn. Built to withstand heat up to 400F. Gripping "fingers" hold pads firmly to holder.

tem No. Pk. Case/Wt. Price.
678 1 8.0# $18.40
Grill Pad Holder Available Separately
676 1 / 10
2.5# $6.25

Grill Pad Holder
Grill Pad Holder with Metal Base
Metal base holds grill pad and screens. Protects hands from burns and speeds cleaning. Heat resistant to 400F, high-impact plastic handle.

tem No. Pk. Case/Wt. Price
GH100 1/10 6.0# $10.75

Scour Pro Cleaning System

Scour Pro
Scour Protm
Power Cleaning System

System comes complete with SCOUR PRO
tm  unit, starter pads and battery charger. No chemicals needed to clean a griddle.

Item No. Description Pk.
SPP-06 Scour Protm  Unit 1 EA.
GS106 Griddle Screen 10/10
GP406 Black Pad 1/40
617-6 Maroon Pad 1/40
98-606 White Pad 1/40
Item No.SPP-06

Video -> Cleaning a Griddle

Video -> Cleaning Granite Counter Tops

Video -> Cleaning a Stainless Steel Grill Pt 1
Video -> Cleaning a Stainless Steel Grill Pt 2

Griddle Screen
For extra heavy-duty cleaning of debris from flat grill surface or other heavily built up areas. Only to be used in conjunction with a black cleaning pad.
Black Pad
For heavy-duty cleaning and to be used as a back up pad for grill cleaning screens
Maroon Pad
For medium-duty general purpose cleaning on surfaces that will accept minimal scratching.
White Pad
For light-duty cleaning and polishing of sensitive surfaces.


Unger Food Service
Griddle Cleaning Tools

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High Heat Squeegee

Griddle Cleaning Set
Includes two scrapers, High Heat
Squeegee and tool holder.

   Squeegee: Ideal to remove loose foods and oil from the griddle surface using
the Griddle High Heat Squeegee.
Scraper: Removes burned residue.
  Tool holder: Tools are held firmly in place by grips.

ErgoTectm  Grill Scraper Long Handle
Sharp 4-inch stainless steel razor blade
edge removes burned residue.
•    Dual-sided blade.
•    Blunt edge quickly removes food and grease buildup.
•    10-inch handle allows for safe cleaning.
•    Lightweight construction, best for thorough
nightly cleaning.
ErgoTectm  Grill Scraper Short Handle
Sharp 4-inch stainless steel razor blade edge removes burned residue.
•    Dual-sided blade.   •    Blunt edge quickly removes food and grease buildup.     •    Sturdy handle with ergonomic grip.
Griddle High Heat Squeegee
8-inch squeegee provides optimum liquid
removal on large, flat surfaces.
•    Ideal for exposure to high temperatures (350F).
•    Lightweight, aluminum construction.
•    18-inch handle allows for cleaning from safe distance.
•    Heat resistant rubber.

Replacement Hard Rubber
Squeegee Blades
•    Resists heat up to 350F degrees.

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Last updated - January 5, 2012


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