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The Paper Barn
4865 Hendron Road
P.O. Box 325
Groveport, Ohio 43125


Foodservice, Coffee, Catering
and related supplies

Chinet Paper Plates & Bowls

“Green” inside & out - Chinet® molded fiber tableware is made from 100% recycled fiber & certified compostable by BPI.

Strong? Hercules strong. Beautiful? Classic styling, plus custom printed
rims brings your brand home to your customers & that’s a beautiful thing.

Superior strength you can rely on
• Cut-resistant & sturdy performance
• Image builder– Chinet® recognized by 92% of your customers as one of America’s Premier Products
• Microwaveable
• Complete line of compartment plates, platters & bowls in all popular sizes
• Classic white or soft beige
• Made of 100% recycled fiber
• Certified Compostable in composting facilities

®    Classic White™   
Premium Strength Paper Tableware


CHI-21225       6 INCH PLATE         1000/CS       $75.75/CS

CHI-21227       8-3/4  INCH PLATE  1CMPT     500/CS       $83.05/CS

CHI-21204       10-1/4 INCH PLATE  3 CMPT   500/cs      $111.05/CS

CHI-21217       10-1/2 INCH PLATE, REG  1CMPT    500/CS 

CHI-21221       10-1/2 INCH PLATE, DEEP   1CMPT    500/CS     

CHI-21257      9.5"x 12.5 OVAL PLATTER  1 CMPT     500/cs     $153.65/CS

CHI-21226       6-3/4  INCH PLATE        1000/CS      $113.65/CS   S/O

CHI-21228       9-1/4  INCH PLATE, 3 CMPT    500/CS
 $87.80/CS    S/O

CHI-21203      9 INCH PLATE, 1 COMPT    500/CS
    $87.80/CS   S/O

CHI-21232       10-1/4 INCH PLATE  1 CMPT   500/c
     $99.15/CS   S/O

CHI-21256      7.5"x 10" OVAL PLATTER  1 CMPT     500/cs     $83.05/CS   S/O

CHI-21260       4 OUNCE BOWL     2000/cs     Call for Price   S/O
CHI-21251       8 OUNCE BOWL     1000/cs     Call for Price   S/O

CHI-21230       12 OUNCE BOWL     500/cs         $97.05/CS   S/O

CHI-21229       16 OUNCE BOWL      500/cs         Call for Price   S/O


Chinet®     Classic White
Premium Strength Paper Tableware

Rim Printed w/Festival Design


CHI-22601       6 INCH PLATE     1000/CS       $77.15/CS

CHI-22602       8-3/4  INCH PLATE  1CMPT     500/CS       $84.60/CS

CHI-22605       10-1/2 INCH PLATE  1 CMPT   500/cs         $113.15/CS

CHI-22610       10-1/4 INCH PLATE  3 CMPT   500/cs         $113.15/CS


CHI-22603       9-1/4  INCH PLATE, 3 CMPT    500/CS
Call for Price   S/O

CHI-22609      9-3/4  INCH PLATE, 1 COMPT         500/CS

CHI-22608       6-3/4 INCH PLATE     1000/CS      Call for Price   S/O

CHI-22604    7.5"x 10" OVAL PLATTER  1 CMPT     500/cs
     Call for Price   S/O

 CHI-21257      9.5"x 12.5 OVAL PLATTER  1 CMPT     500/cs
    Call for Price   S/O

CHI-22606       4 OUNCE BOWL        2000/cs      Call for Price   S/O
CHI-22607       12 OUNCE BOWL        500/cs      Call for Price   S/O



Chinet®   PaperPro® NaturalsTM
When cost constraints prevent the use of heavy-duty Chinet® tableware, mid-weight: PaperPro® NaturalsTM plates & bowls are the ideal alternative. PaperPro® NaturalsTM tableware deliver the operational efficiency, sturdiness & customer satisfaction of molded fiber tableware at a price similar to that of paper plates.

Features include:
•     Priced similar to mid-weight paper plates, PaperPro Naturals plates & bowls allow even cost-sensitive operations to enjoy the benefits of molded fiber tableware.
•     No need to double-plate, even with large portions.
•     PaperPro Naturals tableware is made of 100% reclaimed fiber and, unlike paper plates with poly coatings, is compostable.

25775    Chinet 8-3/4" Plate PaperPro Naturals    4/125     $58.25/cs
25780    Chinet 12 Ounce Bowl PaperPro Naturals    8/125     $67.95/cs

25774    Chinet 6" Plate PaperPro Naturals    8/125
 $51.75/cs   S/O

25822   Chinet 6-1/4" Plate PaperPro Naturals    8/125
Call for Price   S/O

25776 Chinet 10-1/2" Plate PaperPro Naturals 1compt   4/125
$77.75/cs   S/O

25777 Chinet 10-3/4" Plate PaperPro Naturals 3compt   4/125
$77.75/cs   S/O

25778 Chinet 7-1/2" x 10" Oval Platter PaperPro Naturals  4/125
Call for Price   S/O

25779 Chinet 9-3/4" x 12-1/2" Oval Platter PaperPro Naturals  4/125     $107.60/cs   S/O

No minimum order for all UPS/USPS orders.

UPS/USPS freight charges are at the customers expense.  The pricing from The Paper Barn does not include freight charges in the cost of goods on this website 

No minimum order for customer pick ups. No handling charges for customer pick ups.

Due to increased fuel and other costs, our new minimum for "free" inside delivery is $150.00 for Columbus Ohio and suburbs. 

Please read our terms and conditions page for more information.

Click here for our terms and conditions page.


Last updated - January 10, 2012

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