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Liquid Enzyme
Automatic Dispenser

Consistent and Automatic Drain Maintenance...
Drain Station - 
Drain Injector is designed to automatically feed chemicals into drains and grease traps to break up grease and detergent build-up and to eliminate odors. The Drain Station can be operated by use of a wall outlet or with two 6-volt alkaline lantern batteries and a 9-volt alkaline battery for the clock.  It is very easy to program as it is done by using a set of DIP switches that determine the various times and amount of chemical to be dispensed.

Kit includes dispenser, wall bracket, hoses and AC adapter.

Free Dispenser Available*

*Customer must sign contract to purchase 6 each / 5 gallon pails
 of  Quick Action Control Enzyme Digestant over the period of one year.

image    Color: White 
    Fragrance: Pleasant 
    Dilution: Varies 
    pH: 8.4 

Contains enzyme accelerators. This product digests and liquifies organic waste, grease, and food by-products and is non-toxic,  non-acid, non-alkaline, non-pathogenic, and 100% ecologically safe. Eliminates odors created by organic waste in urinals, toilet bowls, carpets, and drains. Used periodically, this product will serve to keep drains free of stoppage caused by organic waste.  
    Bacteria count: 100 billion per gallon. USDA C1. NSF registered.

12 qts/cs

4 gals/cs

5 gallon pail


Nilozyme Bio-Enzymatic
Trap & Drain

A trap and drain treatment that will reduce maintenance of grease traps, septic systems and open clogged drains. Nilozyme has a multi-strain bacterial formulation that will liquefy and digest complex proteins, cellulose and starch. Nilozyme is resilient to bleach, disinfectants and many other cleaning chemicals.

12 quarts/cs
Sold by the Quart
MSRP  $5.96/quart

4 gallons/case

Sold by the Gallon
MSRP  $18.16/gallon

5 gallon pail
Sold by the Pail
MSRP  $90.82/pail

Resale Customers, Contract Cleaners & Carpet Cleaning Companies
Call for Special Pricing

32 ZNMQuart12 EachOriginal21883 05238-2    
128 ZNMGallon4 EachOriginal21883 02239-2    
130 ZNM5 Gallon1 EachOriginal21883 00240-0    
55 ZNM55 Gallon1 EachOriginal21883 00241-7    

Nilozyme Automatic
Dispensing System

Used in conjunction with our Nilozyme,
the Pail Top Metering Dispenser is
economical and easy to use.
The dispenser reduces labor costs while guaranteeing proper dosage every time.
Fits onto 5 gallon pail.
Pail not included.

MSRP  $240.00/each


No minimum order for all UPS/USPS/FedEx orders.

Handling Charge of $2.50 for all USPS/UPS/FedEx shipments.

UPS/USPS freight charges are at the customers expense.  
The pricing from The Paper Barn does not include freight charges in the 
cost of goods on this website 

No minimum order for customer pick ups. 
No handling charges for customer pick ups.

Due to increased fuel and other costs, our new minimum for "free" 
inside delivery is $150.00 for Columbus Ohio and suburbs. 

Click here for our terms and conditions page.

Last updated - March 2, 2016

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